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Photobucket This blog is for all DC related content and more chatty posts (reviews, experiences, and other comic related stuff that I don't want to post at my main blog which is pretty specific to Iron Man scans, icons, and character information). This blog will probably focus on Green Lantern titles more than anything else.

This is a spin-off of my main blog, the Iron Man Fanatic Blog.

I am "new" into DC comics, I have not read for a solid ten years (as of 2011) but one of my best friends over here got me into Green Lantern Corps. My favorite characters are Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner

My other purpose for creating this blog and naming it "... rookie" is that I am jumping on board DC's new 52 launch and will be making posts in relation to that. While I am not a true rookie, I have enough of a gap in my reading that it's close enough. I will post scans and short reviews of the #1s I am picking up (and further issues).

I also am writing more about my experiences as a"girl" who really, really loves comic books and writing about my weekly trip the comic shop. I get all my stuff from Modern Age Comics. It's a tiny place but it's the most friendly, warm, and non-creepy (which is important for me I get the creeper-jeepers in a lot of comic stores from men lacking something in their social graces) store I've ever been in.

So, in short... this is a blog where I talk about anything I want in relation to my comic book obsessions.

If you're looking for Iron Man focused anything(s), you should head over to my other blog here which focuses on Marvel scans and icons.

IMAGES & SCANS: Obviously, I don't own anything I post here... this is 100% a fan page. If you are looking for 300dpi files for anything you see posted on Rookie, please e-mail me or leave a comment here. I have 300dpi files without watermarks for everything I post and I am more than happy to share. Leave a comment here or e-mail me at bellstark7 (at) gmail (dot) com

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